We launch your grades to the Moon!

With over 90% of our students attaining A or A*s , it’s a no brainer really!

How we reached the stars

Look, school is tough and it is getting even tougher. Nowadays kids are under more pressure than they have ever been trying to compete in ever increasingly hard exams … its stressful. Our tuition agency was born out of this struggle.  In August of 2021 I got my teacher assessed graded and I just scraped by to get my offer to study medicine at Kings College London (Alhamduliah) but like many other students who had teachers that did not believe in them in a year of teacher assessed grades, I felt I did not reach my potential. Don’t get me wrong I was not smart – you don’t believe, do you?

Okay let’s get out the list of failures:

  • In my year 6 SATS I go the equivalent of a very low year 1 working grade
  • I was bottom set for everything when I started in year 7
  • At one point I spoke only in an American accent ( I have never set foot in the US of A)

As you can see there where a lot of shortfalls from the inevitable to the surprising, to the common and the umm, less so common. However, they all have one thing that ties all these experiences together, it taught me the system. I learnt how to learn and thus so teach and these systems as outlined below with this useful flowchart is how I have been able to get 90% of our students to the stars, the A stars. Who knows? … you could be one of those stars!