Why choose grouped sessions

Our grouped tuition is like a 1-to-1 session anywhere else! 

Choosing group sessions can be incredibly beneficial when it comes to learning. At Let’s Go Tutors, we take pride in our ability to match tutees with other students who share the same working level through our placement tests. We also understand the importance of personality matching, which is why we take the time and effort to ensure that tutees are matched with the most appropriate classmates and tutors who will help them succeed.

At Let’s Go Tutors, our commitment to providing a tailored learning experience is unwavering. We are willing to change classes and sessions to account for changed working levels, thus ensuring that every tutee gets the best possible learning experience.

Joining us means you will gain access to an exclusive group of like-minded students who are looking to excel in their education. Our approach to group tutoring is far superior to other agencies or centers, without the hefty price tag. Let us help you succeed!

Step 1: Get excited to take your education to the next level! Starting a new course can seem daunting at first, but with our program, you have everything you need to achieve remarkable results.

Step 2: Take our placement test to determine your level and year. This will ensure that you are never out of your depth and can work alongside peers who share the same subject area and understanding as you.

Step 3: Join our team sessions, designed to help you maximize your potential. At first, you will take a testing exam, but don’t let that scare you. Our sessions are designed to guide you through challenging topics with helpful guidance and practice exercises.

Step 4: Track your progress with our progress tests. These tests evaluate your development and ensure that you are on the right track. If you require more assistance, we offer the chance to switch to a different group working on the same level or subject.

Step 5: Celebrate your exceptional success! Our approach has helped many students achieve incredible results, and we are confident that you can too. We can’t wait to see what you can achieve!